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Interlocks/ Sisterlocks

Loc "dreadlock" creation and maintenance technique known as "interlocking" has several advantages and is especially well-liked by those with finer hair. The robustness and lifespan of interlocks are among their main benefits. The interlocking technique creates a tight and sturdy structure by weaving the hair in a specified pattern with a tool, usually a hooked tool. Compared to some other techniques, this produces locs that are less likely to unravel, regardless of hair texture.

The tidy and consistent appearance that interlocks offer is another advantage. The method yields a neat and polished appearance by enabling exact control over the size and form of each loc. Locs formed with interlocking as the technique, are usually well-defined and have a constant thickness throughout, which improves the overall strength and stability of the locs.


Sisterlocks are the trademarked option that uses interlocking as the technique to start and maintain the sisterlocks. 

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